Dear Guests, Thursday, April 11, 2013 in the bar for a private event closed to the public. Thank you for your understanding. 

Impossible possible...

 Black Angel's Bar is designed in the style of 1930s restaurants, the so-called 'public houses', where people of all social strata met their friends after a hard day’s work to cheer the spirit with a good drink, which was then quite unaccountably banned.

Black Angel's Bar is located in the second basement of the hotel U Prince in the Old Town Square, which previously was called the Black Angel. The premises with the original Gothic and Romanesque masonry, which creates an atmosphere of secret 'getting together’, immerse you into the mood of black and white films, where the names of cocktails are not just empty names.

The project is the creation of the BA head barman Pavel 'Pavka' Šíma, who was charged in the middle of 2009 with the reconstruction of one of the floors of the hotel to make it the company’s flagship, in collaboration with Zdenek Kaštánek, head bartender at London's Quo Vadis, which backed the project as external consultant.

In 2012, the bar was placed in the top 50 bars the world according to The Sunday Times named the best hotel bar in the Czech Republic at the Czech Bar Awards.

According to the English magazine The spirits business was chosen as one of the 6 bars in Europe in World's Best Bars in 2013.

In our bar is STRICTLY PROHIBITED photography and video recordings .


Team Black Angel’s